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Mc wolves vs hazelcrest

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Coaches Corner February 9, 2015
Author: John Boyd
Welcome back to Coach's Corner! The Wolves used another 2-0 weekend toimprove our record to 11-8 on the season. Friday night we faced Duneland Conferencerival Chesterton at the Den. In one of the more exciting games of the year, the first halfwas a b
Coaches corner January 26, 2015
Author: John Boyd
Welcome back to Coach's Corner! This past week the Wolves managed to win allthree home contests we played. Tuesday night we won over Munster for the first time infive tries. Friday night we were able to beat LaPorte by the largest margin in schoolhis
Coach Boyd's Weekly Newsletter December 1, 2014
Author: John Boyd
Welcome back to another year of Coach's Corner! Saturday night our boys openedtheir season with a 60-54 win over Concord. Concord is one of nine teams we play thisyear that is coming off of a Sectional Championship. Seniors Mike Miller and ZachStewar
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