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Keenan Simmons Gives back to current wolves players
Author: Kathy Workman
On August 13, 2014 Keenan Simmons, Former Wolves Player, returned to the Wolves Den to motivate current and upcoming player. He discussed the college life and how to balance and deal with peer pressures. He also encouraged them to continue to work
Coach Boyd's weekly newsletter. March 2, 2014
Author: John Boyd
March 2, 2014 Welcome back to another edition of Coach's Corner! March Madness is upon us and it istime for the Michigan City Wolves to begin our quest to win our first ever SectionalChampionship. As I mentioned last week, we drew the Bulldogs o
Coach Boyd's Weekly Newsletter February 23, 2014
Author: John Boyd
February 23, 2014 Coach’s Corner Welcome back to another edition of Coach's Corner! As the season winds down I amreminded of why I love Indiana high school basketball so much. Coming off another rough weekin which the Wolves dropped 2 of 3
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Kathy Workman entered latest scores, check them here new scores
Kathy Workman entered latest scores, check them here new scores
Kathy Workman just posted a photo Season highlights
Kathy Workman just posted a photo Season highlights
Kathy Workman just posted a photo Season highlights
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